Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Pedals


Madge said...

Good night. Oh me, oh my. My jealousy cup runneth over. Your feet must feel like a million dollars in those babies. Yes.

Jon Mutch said...

I thought you'd appreciate these, Meg! They are super comfy... but I am most jealous of your recent acquisition. That Surly is pure sex.

Madge said...

Screaming your head off copulation in the streets style of riding on the Surly. All I need is a gallon of Goo Gone citrus power to remove any and all traces of the man who used to ride that thing. We should go for a very long and competitive bike ride. Trade bikes. Track bikes. Ohhhhh I love my bicycle. Your papa's archaic Brooks almost made me cry out with joy. Good find.

Say yes to everything Mutch. I am stuck in the country at the moment and this not riding business is pure bullshit. Soon.